The Top 5 Organic Garden Jobs for August

Your organic garden is in full swing in August, and you probably have more fruits and vegetables than you know what to do with, partially thanks to using organic garden compost such as MOO PLUS®MOO PLANT , and MOO GROW® .

Following are five of the top garden jobs for the month of August.

The best job: pick and eat!

Depending on when you planted, you should have plenty of fruits and veggies to eat and store. If you have a large garden, harvesting may be a daunting prospect in August, but you need to pick consistently to ensure you have fresh food and that the plants keep producing for a little longer.


Decide what to do with all this food!

You may grow just the right amount for your family, or you may have a surplus of food. You’ll need to decide what to do with the extra fruit and vegetables. You may decide to can, freeze, give away, or turn it into other food such as salsa, spaghetti sauce, or relish. This in itself can be a big job.


Stay on top of pest control, weeding, watering, and the compost pile.

Doing these tasks on a consistent basis helped create the bountiful garden you have now, so keep on doing them through August. Turn the compost, water as needed, weed regularly, and keep an eye out for little critters.

If you have bigger critters who want to share your crops, consider spreading mothballs or used kitty litter, putting up a fence, or placing fox or wolf urine around the perimeter of your organic garden.


Replace or add strawberry plants.

Now is a good time to replace any plants that are older than 4 years, or add more if you have room. You can buy new or use runners from your current plants. Don’t forget to use an organic soil amendment like MOO DOO® when you plant.


At the end of the month, start thinking about putting the garden to bed.

Although you may not do it for another couple of months, begin thinking about when to stop harvesting and getting the garden ready for winter. It might be easier to gradually let it go instead of stopping it all at once. Plan your exit strategy.

This is the most efficient time to apply soil amendments like MOO DOO® or MOO PLUS®. Once the garden in pulled, till in a large amount of DOO or PLUS and let it do the work for you as the nitrogen will slowly release into the soil to benefit your garden.

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