MOO COMPOST® Premium Compost

MooCompost-215pxwCompost is considered a soil conditioner, rather than a fertilizer, even though it contains both plant nutrients and essential trace elements.

Benefits include:

  • Improves existing soil structure
  • Holds moisture and inorganic minerals
  • Increases porosity
  • Reduces soil crusting and erosion
  • Adds and attracts soil organisms
  • Adds nutrients

Due to the fact our product contains compost there may be leaching that might stain sensitive areas, so please use this product with that in mind.

  • Composted Manure (from one of the following: cow, horse and chicken)
  • Composted hard and softwood bark
  • Garden Beds
  • Container Mix and General Use
  • Mulching Under Trees and Shrubs
  • Top Dressing Lawns
Available Bag Sizes: 1 cf

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